Dementia care Essential support and help for the elderly

Dementia care is a specialist skill. We make sure our care worker Team are not only properly trained on an ongoing basis but also have the right amounts of empathy and kindness. We understand dementia sufferers are particularly vulnerable, and we know how to make their lives as easy, comfortable, fulfilling, safe and interesting as possible. Which means we offer all of the following services and more, depending on the specific circumstances of the person we’re supporting?

  • Personal care of every kind
  • Companionship
  • Social support and shopping
  • Medication and food preparation
  • Domestic duties
  • Taking you to appointments, day centres, collecting your pension
  • Night service, both sleeping and waking

Dementia Home Care Staff and Training

We fully appreciate that dementia affects more than the individual. It also impacts the lives of loved ones, which is why we always maintain communication with family members and friends whether they require progress updates or general information on this often misunderstood condition.

We work closely with medical professionals, Social Services elderly care and other organisations to provide a complete and holistic service that allows the individual to remain in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home.

By understanding the individual through our thorough assessment process and liaison with family and professionals, we can develop a care and support plan that is sensitive to their routines, interests and social and cultural background.

In addition to assistance with personal care and other daily support, our dedicated, highly-trained elderly care staff can encourage involvement in therapeutic projects like reminiscing exercises and a personalised programme of engaging, on-going activities.


What happens when my dementia worsens?

 We are always there to support you and can adjust or increase your care and support as you see fit.

Why is continuous care from the same care giver so important?

 Your care giver will not only get to know your preferences but will be a friendly and familiar face at difficult times.


What qualifies your staff to provide dementia care at home?

Our people are all properly qualified and trained. But, more than that, they are also specially chosen for their kindness, their understanding and their calm, warm-hearted personalities.

How do you tailor the care you give to my condition?

Dementia sufferers can have all manner of challenges, and everyone experiences the disease differently. We take great care to establish your exact needs and desires so we can work closely with you and your relatives to provide the best possible care.

Do you keep my loved ones informed?

Yes, we work closely with patients’ loved ones and, because the condition can change so rapidly, we’re trained to notice when your care package needs to be changed in line with your condition.

What about security – how do I know I can trust your care staff?

We go to great lengths to identify and employ the very best carers in the business. Ideally we like to take on people to whom care is a vocation, not just a job, which makes them special.

Can I still live a comfortable and purposeful life?

Yes. We will do everything in our power to make every day as good as it can be.

What safeguards do you put in place to ensure my safety and well-being?

Because dementia is a degenerative condition we take the greatest possible care over your treatment plan, who delivers it and your feelings about it, from start to finish.