At MJU Care it’s not just our service user taking the ‘lead’ in homecare, it’s our pooches too!

Spending time with animals can have a huge impact on both individuals and their families. As well as animals having a soothing and calming influence on those in ill health, Blessing Agencies provide a unique and very powerful form of therapy for the service user who have pet at their home. For example, for people with dementia the world around them can seem alien and unfamiliar, which can be very alarming. But dogs and other animals continue to be recognisable and to fit within memories – as a dog is still a dog.

That is why pet therapy forms an important part of our specialist dementia programme, which is based on the principles of activity, stimulation, socialisation and nutrition. We want to ensure that life continues to be enjoyable, meaningful and stimulating, regardless of need or dependency. Our pet therapy sessions aim to reduce the stress and anxiety of our clients experiencing isolation due to living alone, or due to their diagnosed care needs. Each pet therapy session is intended to meet the different abilities and preferences of our clients. This could simply be petting, grooming and companionship, or a brisk walk in the local park. Even the dog breeds themselves cater for large dog and small dog lovers.