Will you book my holiday for me?

Yes we are 100% at your service, therefore we do everything we can to support you and make your break as enjoyable as possible, and we cannot choose the destination or book your holiday for you without your preference or approval. Once you have booked your holiday you will be able to relax knowing that you will receive the care that you need during your break.

To find out more about our Holiday Care service, please call our dedicated Home care Team on 02073839048 or you can request our free service user guide.

Will my Carer need to take breaks?

Your Carer will need to take a break during the day. The frequency and duration of the breaks they require will depend on the type of care they are providing. If your Carer is staying with you throughout your stay, they will require 2 hours of break per day. This 2 hour period does not need to be taken at once; it can be taken in shorter durations such as 4 x 30 minute breaks, at times to suit your requirement.

If you require 24 hour care and cannot be left unattended at any time we can arrange for more than one Carer to accompany you on your holiday, therefore ensuring that when one Carer has their break, your other Carer will be there to fully support you.