How soon can my care service start?

Our service can often commence within 48 hours of your initial enquiry. Upon receiving your enquiry we will arrange for Blessing Agencies Assessor to visit you in your home and carry out a full assessment of your care requirements and a risk assessment to ensure your safety. A personalised care plan will be produced for you, which we will finalise with you and your family, making sure that you are happy with every aspect. We will select Carers to provide your care based on your needs, personality and preferences.

We understand that in a difficult situation you need us to react quickly to allow a care package to start immediately. In such circumstances we will simplify our service delivery process and carry out an immediate assessment in order to facilitate a faster response.

What if I only require support with my household chores?

As part of your care package, your Carers can support you with everyday activities including light household chores, such as laundry, washing up and hovering. We are We will be more than happy to support you with home domestic, but you need to let us know about all your requirement on the assessment day when we come visit you of the first time.